Every Friday morning, we have a celebration assembly which consists of various awards: Pupil of the Week, Act of Kindness, Lunchtime Award, Captains’ Choice (team captains rewarding children who sit beautifully during assembly), Reading Awards, Scores on the Doors (teachers award their class for manners, behaviour and attitude to learning), Team Points and birthdays.

On Friday, we also shared the many successes of children who have achieved awards outside of school. Congratulations to the following children:

Harley Austick and Ava Austick: Horseriding

Lilly-Mae Parker: Gymnastics

Hannah Van Loo: Gymnastics

Felix Lambert and Jude Greenwell: Scouts Silver Award

William Hoggarth: Completion of swimming crash course

Robert Clemmit, Lincoln Clemmit and Courtney Clemmit: Edinburgh Marathon Festival

Jake Dumphy-Brook: Football

Daniel Fisher: Orange belt in Karate