10 October 2018

We are learning all about the Post Office in Reception.

Our Role Play area has been turned into our very own Post Office and it has been very busy.

There has been lots of parcels to weigh and this has helped us find out which parcels are heavy and which parcels are light.  We are using the language of heaviest and lightest when we compare the parcels.

We have been using our super cutting skills to cut out stamps to go on the envelopes and parcels ready for posting.

We have been writing addresses on the envelopes using the sounds we have learnt in our phonics.

Another job to do in the Post Office was to sort the parcels into different sizes and use the correct mathematical language to describe the different sizes.

Great teamwork in the Design Area whilst we made our very own post van.

We needed lots of red and black paint.  We used paper plates for the wheels.  We thought these were good to use as they are the same shape as wheels.

At the number table we have been matching numbers to objects by placing the correct number of stamps onto the numbered envelopes.

We have enjoyed learning how to program the Beebot toy to help him take his letter to the post box.  We had to press the right buttons to make the Beebot move along the road to the Post Box.

At the Funky Fingers table we have been using tweezers to pick the little envelopes out of the coloured rice.  We had to count the correct number of envelopes and put them in the 10 frame.  This is helping us to develop our fine motor skills and also showing us what numbers look like when represented in a 10 frame.

We are such Busy Bees.

We also had a chat about what we know about Post Offices.  I asked the children why they thought envelopes and houses had numbers on them.  I asked the children to have a look, whilst they are walking home, at all the numbers on the houses and talk to you about why they think they might be there.

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