15 February 2019

The theme for our S.A.W. week this time was ‘Space – is there anything out there?’

We created solar system works of art with balloons, paint, and oil pastels. These looked brilliant!

After reading ‘The Boy who switched off the Sun’, we wrote newspaper articles about how Marcel turned off the sun so that his ice cream wouldn’t melt, and the impact of  having no sun would have on Earth.

We created some whacky-looking aliens by collaging various materials.

Also, we read a picture book all about Curiosity, the Mars rover, and all of the useful things he can do.  Sadly, we then found out that the Mars rover, Opportunity, had been wiped out by a global sand storm.  We decided to use our newspaper writing skills to write reports to cover this story.

In Science, we made different paper helicopters to test variables.  We discovered that all of the helicopters fell to the ground eventually because of gravity, and that the helicopters with larger wings took longer to fall.

All of our beautiful work looks fabulous on display, and we had a really fun week creating it all!

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