2 March 2020

My class had a superb day on Friday, learning all about Marie Curie and celebrating Women in Science. The children worked collaboratively to produce the poem below. I was truly blown away at how well they worked together, listening to each others ideas and offering tweaks and improvements until we had the finished version. See what you think...


Marie Curie – A life of Sacrifice and Achievement Poem


Born 1867, on a chilly Polish November,

How can we forget? We will always remember!

She was not alone, she was the youngest of five,

But by 1877, her mother was no longer alive!


She studied illegally, which was a crime,

Because she wasn’t allowed at university, at that time!

Higher education, in Poland for women,

Was illegal and frowned upon by men in high sittin’.


Marie and her sister fled to Paris by carriage,

Little did she know, it would lead to marriage!

Pierre and Marie had two daughters: Irene and then Eve,

But unknown to them, a family member was about leave.


Marie - the first woman to win the Nobel Prize,

And to many this came as great surprise!

The law thought it was all pandemonium,

But she had discovered radium and polonium!


Marie Curie soon got poorly, after her husband died,

And because it was such a sad moment, I’m pretty sure that she cried.

She then started as professor at Sorbonne University,

Here she won her second Nobel Prize, in chemistry.


This second Nobel win, opened everyone’s eyes,

Who knew, she would get a second prize?

Two prizes in two sciences, she was the first,

When she found out, she was fit to burst!


A few years later, came the Great War,

Her amazing invention, broke down the door!

It was her invention of the x-ray,

With thanks to her, we still use these today!


An amazing scientist, whose focus was never lost,

But all her discoveries came at great personal cost!

Radiation so dangerous, caused her bones to decay,

She now lays in a lead coffin, to keep those rays at bay!


A joint class poem,


Mr Moore’s Class.

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