30 March 2020

Good morning everyone. I hope you are all well and you have all had a nice weekend. By the looks of some of the amazing pictures you've been posting on Teams, it seems that you are all keeping busy, which is great!

Tasks for today:

Please continue to work through the Place Value booklet over the next couple of days - I will post some more answers on Teams later today.

Also, take a look at the picture above and complete the following:

Story starter!

She had been tracking the deer. Her parents had taught her how.

One hour before, finding the hoof prints in the soft earth, she had followed the trail of broken twigs and occasional nibbled leaf until she had located it. Creeping slowly and quietly, not making even the slightest sound, she remained undetected.

She had stumbled across the mysterious circles in a clearing in the forest, and watched as the deer approached them. With a slight twitch of its ears, the deer stepped indifferently through the first circle, and vanished. Completely vanished.

The girl let out a gasp, and walked towards the circles to investigate…

Can you continue the story? Does the girl step through the circle?


Question time!

Who do you think made the circles?

How long do you think they have been there?

Do the stones on the ground have any significance?

If you were the girl, would you step through the circles?


I hope you are all well, guys! Stay safe!

Mr Moore.

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30 March 2020

Do we post our anwers on teams?

Mr Moore
30 March 2020

Yes please, Jamie! :)

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