29 January 2021

Wow! What an amazing week we’ve had in Year 1!  There has been some fantastic and fun work done, both in the classroom and at home.  I’m so proud of how brilliant you are all working!

We have been busy seeing whether Bananaman’s special recipe could turn us into real superheroes! It worked for Mrs Channing when she tried one of our special cakes! Check her out on our Teams page!

Go bananas

We have also been busy trying to save Spider-Man from losing his superpowers! Thankfully our magic potion worked and he is now back to saving the world!

Spider-Man science

We have also been continuing our fantastic story of Traction Man.  This week we had to pretend to be Traction Man swimming in the washing up bowl, trying to escape from poisonous dishcloth!  We felt around in the water for things and had to guess what they were and use super adjectives to write some super sentences!

Traction man

We have also found time to do some superhero PE.  It so great to see you joining in at home!

Superhero PE


Year one ended this week by joining year two with a spot of cosmic yoga! 
Such a busy week! 
Well done to the year one team, you have been so fantastic! Let’s keep it up next week

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