12 March 2021

What a wonderful, but very busy week! I finally got to meet all of the children that have been working so hard at home and it was so fantastic to see you all face to face - at last!

The children in Year 1 have worked so hard this week, doing a great job of completing some very important jobs.  It was brilliant to see them coming straight back to school and trying their very best.

We have continued looking at our story of Anna Hibiscus and created some wonderful drawings of the tropical birds found on the front of our book.

The children have also been busy, continuing their work, on our Rio de Vida topic.  We learnt more about Brazil, where in the world it is, its largest city, favourite sports, favourite foods and of course the importance of the Amazon rainforest!  The children wrote a fact file, which included colouring the flag and drawing the Christ the Redeemer statue.

On Friday the children learnt about the  Brazilian legend of Vitoria-Regia.  Next week, the children will have a go a drawing their own water lily.  They heard all about the legend and then worked in pairs to order and sequence the story correctly.

The children also did some work this week on positional language, learning about how to describe where something is.  This was done with the children going on an early Easter egg hunt and then reporting back to the rest of the class where they had found the egg!

To end the week, on Friday afternoon, we have a wonderful Golden time, where the children enjoyed playing with the classmates they have missed.  There was lots of creativity going on and some wonderful things were made - including a bit of a mess!!!!!

It is so fantastic for us all to be together at last!!!!!!!

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