24 September 2021

Can my children get any busier? We have loved reading our story about Cinnamon and how she was blind and couldn't speak. The children answered some amazing questions and problem solved to help her. We then did super writing for our books on the 'Brave Bear' story. We had to write a letter to the bears and ask them lots of questions. We have been using our question marks, capital letters and smart handwriting. Mrs Gilpin is so proud of us. We love to work with our partners on the carpet, working out answers with our friends. We are so clever when we answer maths questions. We found our maths quite tricky this week until we introduced the crocodile to eat our bigger numbers - please ask your children about it,

Have a lovely weekend. Mrs Gilpin

Posted by Catherine Gilpin

Category: Year 1 Miss Harmar 2021-2022