21 January 2022

This week in English, we have been learning about when the Mona Lisa painting was stole from the Louvre in 1911 by Vincenzo Peruggia. The children then wrote newspaper articles on the famous event. 

To continue with our topic 'Galler Rebels', the children have been learning about a different kind of art: Impressionism, which was a French artistic movement which began in 19th century Paris. They learnt that impressionist artists use thin, small brush strokes in their paintings and paint ordinary, realistic settings. Impressionism brings everyday scenes to life in a realistic way - most impressionist art is actually painted outdoors, in front of natural surroundings for inspiration! Some of the main characteristics of this style were quick brushstrokes and a focus on the light in a scene. Before painting their own pictures, they had a go at using the technique with pencil crayons and paint. We still have quite a few paintings to finish, but here are some sunflowers that have been produced - they look amazing!

Posted by Mrs Davies

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